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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bellow Thinks our Kids aren't Worth the Money, Hides his Sentiments behind Statistics

In one of his latest blog posts, Bellow tries (poorly) to explain federal and state funding of education.  He throws around some statistics and basically does whatever he can to try to justify the fact that HIS Republican Governor, RIP-US-OFF-PERRY, has slashed educational spending within the Texas budget.  Read for yourself how much Bellow thinks of our students, teachers, and educational system HERE.  But if you would like to read between the lines and understand why UTAH'S average SAT score is higher than that of Texas students, take a look at THIS.  Seems as if there are quite a few more college-bound seniors taking the test in Texas rather than in Utah, thus bringing down the average.  Bellow, learn to READ STATISTICS.  You're an idiot.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not worried about what's going on in Utah.  I am, however, worried about our brother and sisters out there who are losing their teaching jobs and our sons and daughters who are being taught in classrooms that are becoming more and more overcrowded and lacking in resources.  ANYONE who has ever worked in education (NOT BELLOW) or run an educational program of any size (NOT BELLOW) knows and understands that SPENDING is an absolute must for the success of the students and the school district as a whole.  In this day and age, with teaching with technology being the leading trend, Lumberton is very quickly falling behind other schools IN TEXAS (not Utah) and this trend will continue until the state can get back on track with their budget and allocated educational funds.  Shoving thirty-four students into a classroom rather than twenty-four doesn't sound like better learning to me.

Bellow, your "degree" is supposedly in political science.  Tell me, how many classrooms have YOU worked in, how many accounting classes have YOU taken, or how many curriculum meeting have YOU attended?  Oh, that's right, NONE, because those aren't options down at the National Guard or the ambulance garage, are they?  And BY ALL MEANS, if you think Utah's educational system is SO great, then PLEASE move there.

Stick to things you know, like camouflage and band-aids.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

David's "Almost Five" Minutes of Fame

Tonight at the School Board meeting David Bellow jumped up to be first to voice his opinion in his five allotted minutes in the open forum.  He started in about that damn play and how damaging it had been to the students, etc, and everything was fine until he tried to bad-mouth Mr. Bilberry.  He was shut down!  He was told by a member of the School Board, "That IS ENOUGH."  Some woman objected from the back of the room that he still had a minute or so left to speak, as well as David giving his own pathetic objections, but they still told him that he was done.  This was followed by parent after parent and student after student giving the play accolades and giving their support to the district and to Mr. Bilberry.  Thank you, LISD, for shutting this idiot DOWN!

The rest of the meeting dealt with budgetary concerns, which we all know are an issue right now.  It is sad that we might lose educators, but we can thank Perry for that!

A List for You

Since David contends that he is merely an advocate for the community and wants to play an active role in city and county politics and exercise his civic duties, I've compiled a list of things he could do that would be much more helpful than running around spreading half-truths, posting copy-righted material on the Internet, smearing others names in the mud, and personally suing the federal government:

1.  Take your lawnmower (you do have one, don't you) and go mow the soccer fields at Veteran's Memorial Park.  You mentioned the grass was high -- do something about it.

2.  Get a garbage bag and walk along Mitchell, Keith, or Cooks Lake Roads and pick up trash.  Those roads are in desperate need of attention.

3.  Grab your (many) siblings and form a singing group/band to entertain the community.  We haven't had a Partridge Family around for some time.

4.  Go take a couple classes at the local college in ENGLISH, including reading, writing, and spelling.  Then take Business and Professional Speech.  I would suggest laying off any theater classes -- you seem to have that down pat.

5.  Volunteer to give an anti-bullying presentation at the junior high and high schools.  That would be very Christian-like of you and it's something that's much needed.  We sure can't do any plays about it to raise awareness; all the religious morons have meltdowns.

6.  Keep your religious beliefs to yourself.  We respect that you have your own, respect that we have ours.  You've judged enough people to no longer be able to call yourself a "Christian."  Your behavior is almost the opposite of the behavior expected of a decent Christian.

7.  Stop suing people.  You look like an idiot and a money hungry, lazy free-loader looking to make a quick dime off fame.  Be happy with who YOU ARE, not WHO KNOWS WHO YOU ARE.

8.  Go down to the local nursing home and volunteer your time to sit and visit with the elderly.  They are lonely, and you obviously have extra time on your hands.  Do something worthwhile with that time.

9.  Volunteer at your local animal shelter.  God loves animals, too, right?  Go clean up their poo and clean their cages.  God will be happy you did.

10. Move.  Move to another state -- maybe somewhere in the Bible Belt, where your antics would be better appreciated.  We don't like you here, and the few that might be able to stand you can only do so because you have manipulated them with your lies and misrepresentations.  You are a boil on the ass of Lumberton, Mr. Bellow.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lumberton High School Students Express Their Feelings Regarding Play

Read the comments here from various LHS students who clearly point out Bellow's inaccuracies regarding the anti-bullying play and put him in his place.  Bellow is an unwanted nuisance in our town.   One blog comment made a great point:  Bellow is using up valuable resources and time at the school district offices, police department, and county and city courts with his relentless requests for copies of documents as well as his needless meetings with officials.  He really thinks he's "somebody."  He needs a reality check.

Now What Exactly Does He Do For a Living?

On Bellow's blog he shares a link to a "TIME" magazine "article" regarding his lawsuit against the government.  You can visit that article HERE.  Within that article you'll read that Bellow is a PRISON GUARD.  Now, I thought he was an EMT?

Play WAS Performed: Bellow Leaves out Important Facts!

Read the article here

But even in the LHS Press, Lilly Atwood, the journalist, clearly stated, "The play encountered many hurdles before it was fully approved by the school district so it could be performed for the entire LHS student body."
I very seriously doubt that the original script, as it is illegally shown on Bellow's site, was the script that made the final cut for the performance.  Bellow twists words and leaves out fact.  

Bellow on County Taxes and Broken Swing Sets

Apparently his big plan was to help the city of Lumberton by "getting them some services" from the county (but didn't go into detail) and then went straight into how he would change the county for the better.  I don't know why this had not been addressed before, but apparently the biggest problem in Hardin County is the lack of swings and a couple tennis nets at the park, a torn American flag, and high grass on our soccer fields.  Whew!  Glad he figured that one out for us!  Oh, and David: a picture is something you take with a camera and hang on the wall; a pitcher is something you fill with fluid.  They have different pronunciations.  Thought you might want to know.  (I guess he didn't learn that in college.)

He Has a Growing Fanbase, Obviously

Check out what others are saying HERE

Bellow is Giving Lumberton a Bad Name

I have created this site in response to David Bellow's blog of lies.  I am sick and tired of this one lying, deceitful young man acting as if he's representing all of Lumberton's citizens.  I do not want to be associated with him one bit.  Not a single one of his "breaking stories" on his blog are true, and there are even discrepancies in the blog between what he says he does for a living and what's reported by other websites, which he includes as positive evidence on his blog.  This guy, who has claimed corruption in every sector of Lumberton's local city government and independent school district, is nothing more than an attention hog searching for a lawsuit.

Every single time he posts a new blog, I will fact check and put the TRUTH on this one.  I, for one, am tired of hearing people at my place of business, etc, talk about this "fool" from Lumberton, and assuming all Lumberton citizens have Bellow's level of intelligence and desire to stir unnecessary trouble.  I do not want the educated population from surrounding areas to think that we are all of this pathetic mind set.

If you're tired of his lies and relentless jabs at city officials, the school district, the federal government, and anyone else he might be able to sue, then please, feel free to come aboard and help me in my fact-checking.  I welcome the educated few in Lumberton to use this blog as a forum to express their educated opinions.