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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bellow Thinks our Kids aren't Worth the Money, Hides his Sentiments behind Statistics

In one of his latest blog posts, Bellow tries (poorly) to explain federal and state funding of education.  He throws around some statistics and basically does whatever he can to try to justify the fact that HIS Republican Governor, RIP-US-OFF-PERRY, has slashed educational spending within the Texas budget.  Read for yourself how much Bellow thinks of our students, teachers, and educational system HERE.  But if you would like to read between the lines and understand why UTAH'S average SAT score is higher than that of Texas students, take a look at THIS.  Seems as if there are quite a few more college-bound seniors taking the test in Texas rather than in Utah, thus bringing down the average.  Bellow, learn to READ STATISTICS.  You're an idiot.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not worried about what's going on in Utah.  I am, however, worried about our brother and sisters out there who are losing their teaching jobs and our sons and daughters who are being taught in classrooms that are becoming more and more overcrowded and lacking in resources.  ANYONE who has ever worked in education (NOT BELLOW) or run an educational program of any size (NOT BELLOW) knows and understands that SPENDING is an absolute must for the success of the students and the school district as a whole.  In this day and age, with teaching with technology being the leading trend, Lumberton is very quickly falling behind other schools IN TEXAS (not Utah) and this trend will continue until the state can get back on track with their budget and allocated educational funds.  Shoving thirty-four students into a classroom rather than twenty-four doesn't sound like better learning to me.

Bellow, your "degree" is supposedly in political science.  Tell me, how many classrooms have YOU worked in, how many accounting classes have YOU taken, or how many curriculum meeting have YOU attended?  Oh, that's right, NONE, because those aren't options down at the National Guard or the ambulance garage, are they?  And BY ALL MEANS, if you think Utah's educational system is SO great, then PLEASE move there.

Stick to things you know, like camouflage and band-aids.