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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bellow Insists that School Districts are the Reason for Layoffs, Not Texas Budget!

In Bellow's latest ramble, he tries to convince readers that first of all, the reason teachers across the state are losing their jobs is NOT because the Texas budget has been completely mishandled, and secondly, he has the audacity to question the way in which these districts are laying off teachers -- as if they have a choice!  Never once does he mention the real problem, which would be the Texas budget.  RICK PERRY.  The state is in this position because of the poor handling of the Texas budget!  Bellow doesn't say that though; he'd have to admit that HIS REPUBLICAN governor screwed up.  He asks why district administrators aren't cutting their pay to save teachers, yet he hasn't asked why the governor isn't cutting his pay to save jobs!

He then goes on a rant about how the districts are firing the WRONG people.  He insists that just because teachers are new, and  probationary (or many of them not certified), that doesn't necessarily mean they should lose their jobs.  He thinks that some of the "old and bad" teachers should be fired, you know, the ones that have worked their asses off for years.  Oh, that sounds like a plan.  Lumberton Independent School District administrators didn't choose their layoffs based on tenure/contract status.  There were teachers that were laid off that WERE probationary, and there were some that were not offered a contract for next year that had been there for years.  Get your information correct!  And if Bellow is simply talking about BISD, then by ALL MEANS, please move to BEAUMONT!

I guess Bellow has a suggestion to fix all this too, except he didn't bother to include it in his rant.  Just more bitching without an actual answer or suggestion to said problem -- isn't that how he always functions!

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