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Thursday, March 17, 2011

David's "Almost Five" Minutes of Fame

Tonight at the School Board meeting David Bellow jumped up to be first to voice his opinion in his five allotted minutes in the open forum.  He started in about that damn play and how damaging it had been to the students, etc, and everything was fine until he tried to bad-mouth Mr. Bilberry.  He was shut down!  He was told by a member of the School Board, "That IS ENOUGH."  Some woman objected from the back of the room that he still had a minute or so left to speak, as well as David giving his own pathetic objections, but they still told him that he was done.  This was followed by parent after parent and student after student giving the play accolades and giving their support to the district and to Mr. Bilberry.  Thank you, LISD, for shutting this idiot DOWN!

The rest of the meeting dealt with budgetary concerns, which we all know are an issue right now.  It is sad that we might lose educators, but we can thank Perry for that!


  1. You are on spot again. This guy is nothing but a bag of hot air. We can thank Rick Perry for the fact that all levels of jobs at the schools are on the chopping block.

  2. Yes. Perry is the reason our budget is in crises. I wish people would have realized that before the last election. We could have saved ourselves billions of dollars and JOBS had we just booted him out of office -- and out of that mansion that the state of Texas pays for!