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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A List for You

Since David contends that he is merely an advocate for the community and wants to play an active role in city and county politics and exercise his civic duties, I've compiled a list of things he could do that would be much more helpful than running around spreading half-truths, posting copy-righted material on the Internet, smearing others names in the mud, and personally suing the federal government:

1.  Take your lawnmower (you do have one, don't you) and go mow the soccer fields at Veteran's Memorial Park.  You mentioned the grass was high -- do something about it.

2.  Get a garbage bag and walk along Mitchell, Keith, or Cooks Lake Roads and pick up trash.  Those roads are in desperate need of attention.

3.  Grab your (many) siblings and form a singing group/band to entertain the community.  We haven't had a Partridge Family around for some time.

4.  Go take a couple classes at the local college in ENGLISH, including reading, writing, and spelling.  Then take Business and Professional Speech.  I would suggest laying off any theater classes -- you seem to have that down pat.

5.  Volunteer to give an anti-bullying presentation at the junior high and high schools.  That would be very Christian-like of you and it's something that's much needed.  We sure can't do any plays about it to raise awareness; all the religious morons have meltdowns.

6.  Keep your religious beliefs to yourself.  We respect that you have your own, respect that we have ours.  You've judged enough people to no longer be able to call yourself a "Christian."  Your behavior is almost the opposite of the behavior expected of a decent Christian.

7.  Stop suing people.  You look like an idiot and a money hungry, lazy free-loader looking to make a quick dime off fame.  Be happy with who YOU ARE, not WHO KNOWS WHO YOU ARE.

8.  Go down to the local nursing home and volunteer your time to sit and visit with the elderly.  They are lonely, and you obviously have extra time on your hands.  Do something worthwhile with that time.

9.  Volunteer at your local animal shelter.  God loves animals, too, right?  Go clean up their poo and clean their cages.  God will be happy you did.

10. Move.  Move to another state -- maybe somewhere in the Bible Belt, where your antics would be better appreciated.  We don't like you here, and the few that might be able to stand you can only do so because you have manipulated them with your lies and misrepresentations.  You are a boil on the ass of Lumberton, Mr. Bellow.


  1. Can someone please tell the wind bellow to read this! Great work!

  2. I think even if he read it he wouldn't have the nerve to respond. He's busy at the school board meeting tonight anyway, taking precious time from issues that deserve to be addressed. MORON.

  3. Mr, no lets not dignify the word Mister when we talk about bellow. I saw him on TV several months ago. He was representing himself as the word of the Republican party, of Lumberton. If there are any republicans in Lumberton, now is the time to change parties. He was so out matched that I laughed for days. Why do we, the citizens of Lumberton, put up with him. He needs to be taken out to the wood shed and get the whupping his dad didn't give him.

  4. I couldn't agree more, Canoe Guy! Democrats and Republicans alike should be embarrassed that this person speaks and then says that it is on "OUR" behalf. I don't know what it will take for this idiot to finally shut up and realize that his escapades aren't doing one bit of good and that most citizens of Lumberton cringe when they hear his name.

  5. I just watched a few of the video's about him, it is plain to see that he is only trying to stroke his ego. He is like a little kid, "hey look at me everybody".

  6. Exactly. He has a major ego complex coupled with a low level of intelligence. BAD COMBO!