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Monday, April 11, 2011

And it Just Gets Deeper

In Bellow's latest rants, he not only goes into great detail about the budget crises, but he gives a poorly written, accusatory statement regarding attorney Furlow and the school board.

Let's start with the budget.  Of course Bellow makes it out to be the Democrats' fault that it took so long to reach an agreement, when every OTHER reporting source clearly states the reasons, and the blame fell on the Republican party.  Bellow thinks that Planned Parenthood, one of the programs that the Dems refused to cut funding to, needed to go -- that it wasn't important.  I guess he doesn't care if women with no health care coverage die of cervical or breast cancer.  Planned Parenthood provides abortions -- yes -- and it amounts to about 5% of their total services.  The remaining 95% of services involve the health of women, something Bellow does NOT think is important.

As far as the Furlow/school board accusations, Bellow STILL believes that somehow Furlow's back county taxes are somehow intertwined with his volunteer services to LISD.  Bellow thinks that his wages would have been garnished and that's why LISD wasn't paying him?  Wha....?  It's really hard to decipher his point in that post, as his writing is even more horrible than normal.  I guess he didn't have one if his educated friends edit it for him.  Either way, he just can't believe that the two could be unrelated.

I have asked Bellow to do the following:

He asks everyone ELSE to be transparent and honest.  Let's see just how honest HE can be.  SHOW US, DAVID!  What DO YOU DO?  Do you work or do you just like having others pay taxes to cover the benefits your receive from the federal government as a "soldier that will never, ever have to risk his life?"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bellow Insists that School Districts are the Reason for Layoffs, Not Texas Budget!

In Bellow's latest ramble, he tries to convince readers that first of all, the reason teachers across the state are losing their jobs is NOT because the Texas budget has been completely mishandled, and secondly, he has the audacity to question the way in which these districts are laying off teachers -- as if they have a choice!  Never once does he mention the real problem, which would be the Texas budget.  RICK PERRY.  The state is in this position because of the poor handling of the Texas budget!  Bellow doesn't say that though; he'd have to admit that HIS REPUBLICAN governor screwed up.  He asks why district administrators aren't cutting their pay to save teachers, yet he hasn't asked why the governor isn't cutting his pay to save jobs!

He then goes on a rant about how the districts are firing the WRONG people.  He insists that just because teachers are new, and  probationary (or many of them not certified), that doesn't necessarily mean they should lose their jobs.  He thinks that some of the "old and bad" teachers should be fired, you know, the ones that have worked their asses off for years.  Oh, that sounds like a plan.  Lumberton Independent School District administrators didn't choose their layoffs based on tenure/contract status.  There were teachers that were laid off that WERE probationary, and there were some that were not offered a contract for next year that had been there for years.  Get your information correct!  And if Bellow is simply talking about BISD, then by ALL MEANS, please move to BEAUMONT!

I guess Bellow has a suggestion to fix all this too, except he didn't bother to include it in his rant.  Just more bitching without an actual answer or suggestion to said problem -- isn't that how he always functions!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bellow is Accusatory and Slanderous in the Hardin County News

In the March 23rd edition of the Hardin County News Bellow once again accuses LISD and their former lawyer for unethical budgetary practices.  The problem?  He doesn't have ANYTHING to back up his accusations.  Even current LISD attorney Curtis Soileau is shocked at the allegations that Bellow makes against former LISD attorney Kenneth Furlow.  As a lifelong friend of Furlow's, Soileau finds Bellow's accusations so absurd that he's not even surprised that Furlow didn't bother issuing a statement to defend himself.  Although Furlow had not been paid for his services for LISD since January of 2006, Soileau explains, "It's not uncommon for attorneys to not charge for some of their services, and the State Bar of Texas encourages attorneys to volunteer and donate at least 50 hours of time to clients" (Miles, 2011). 

A self-proclaimed Christian, Bellow can't imagine someone giving their services freely (I guess he wouldn't), and although Bellow has ZERO proof of any of his allegations, he says, "Obviously there was some arrangement made where he would not be paid and it would be kept secret" (Miles, 2011).  OBVIOUSLY?  Really?  Because there's not a thing in ANY of the public documents that you've demanded or any of the statements made by Furlow, LISD, the school board, or Soileau that would indicate anything OBVIOUS going on.  Bellow, you jump to conclusions, you expect the worst out of people, and you write slanderous statements about those who give their time to the community.  That's very Christian-like of you.  I'm not sure if they taught you this in your schooling at A&M or in your online ministry program, but you can't just demand documents that show a little of this and a little of that, and then DECIDE that there's something illegal going on. And when you write these accusations out in a blog or article, or whatever form of written media you choose, it's called LIBEL.  Learn your laws!  I thought you had a degree in political science?  I know they go over that in class.  Were you in class during that lesson or where you off gallivanting around Lumberton with a clipboard and petition that day?

I notice that there is nothing mentioned on Bellow's Hardin County Conservatives blog regarding this "breaking news story," nor is there anything on his main website.  (A guy with a really big ego can never have too many websites, you know!)  Why aren't you commenting on this one, Bellow?  Did you realize that you look like a total dumbass and decide to shut up for once?

In one of Bellow's latest blog posts regarding his healthcare bill lawsuit he states that he has a full time job.  WHAT is that full time job?  It's not the prison.  He made it clear that he no longer works there, and that's why those men were able to escape.  Had HE been there, he could have kept the community safe by ensuring that all was well at the prison.  I'm surprised he lost his job there.  It sounds like (according to him) that he was the only competent guard they had!

Now Bellow is apparently "interviewing," and yes I use that term so very loosely, people in the community regarding the "liberal Texas media."  Seriously?  Is that your big story to comment on now?  It seems to be that for Bellow at least, anything associated with the truth is deemed "liberal."  From his actions, I would say anyone acting like a paranoid schizophrenic could be deemed "very conservative."  According to Bellow, every action by LISD and the school board is underhanded and "fishy," and no one in the city can be trusted -- except for him of course.

Bellow, shut up!  Just shut up until you actually find something factual to talk about -- it would save room on the front of the Hardin County News for more important things, like what's ACTUALLY happening in the community!

On a side note, since Bellow was such a huge player in the ban on alcohol sales in Lumberton, I wanted to share a quick story.  I, as a Lumberton citizen, drove the eight minutes north to the gas station near the Beaumont Colony subdivision to buy a SIX-PACK of beer.  That's right.  An entire SIX beers because I was having guests over -- surely an amount of alcohol to cause me to spiral into an abyss of alcoholism, child abuse, drug use, and homelessness, as Bellow would claim.  Anyway, while there, inside the store, I saw FOUR fellow Lumberton citizens, all buying beer.  Yes.  Lumbertonians drink beer.  Can you believe it?  Here's my point, however:  in the maybe five minutes that I was in that store, I watched FOUR Lumberton citizens give over $8 in taxes NOT TO THE CITY OF LUMBERTON.  I know $8 doesn't sound like a lot, but this was in about five minutes from only four patrons.  Two of those individuals also bought gas and other items while in the store.  I wonder, throughout the day, or even a week, how much tax revenue Lumberton loses to that one store?  What about the two Shell stations at Tram Road on the opposite end of the city?  Hmmm.  I bet Lumberton could make enough money off alcohol sales tax alone to keep our teachers hired.  Just a thought. 

Miles, S. (2011, March 23). Former attorney not paid for years. Hardin County News, pp.1A, 6A.